"Discover Serenity: Maison De Profumo's Indigo Mood Fragrance"


Welcome to Maison De Profumo, where every fragrance tells a story of elegance and sophistication. Today, we invite you to embark on a journey of tranquility with our latest creation, Indigo Mood. Inspired by the serene hues of indigo and crafted with meticulous attention to detail, Indigo Mood is a fragrance that captures the essence of calm and relaxation. With a harmonious blend of notes including Grapefruit, Mint, and Sandalwood, Indigo Mood is a scent that transports you to a peaceful oasis where worries fade away and serenity reigns supreme. Join us as we explore the tranquil world of Indigo Mood and discover why it's the perfect addition to your fragrance collection.

Unveiling Indigo Mood: A Symphony of Serenity

Indigo Mood


At the heart of Indigo Mood lies a symphony of serene notes that evoke feelings of tranquility and peace. Let us delve into each note and uncover the magic of Indigo Mood:

 Grapefruit and Mint: A Fresh Start

The journey begins with the refreshing and invigorating aroma of Grapefruit and Mint, reminiscent of a cool breeze on a sunny day. Grapefruit's zesty and citrusy notes mingle with Mint's crisp and revitalizing scent, creating a refreshing and uplifting opening that awakens the senses and sets the stage for the tranquil journey ahead.

 Ginger and Lavender: Calming Comfort

Ginger and Lavender: Calming Comfort

As Indigo Mood unfolds, it reveals the comforting and soothing notes of Ginger and Lavender, enveloping you in a sense of calm and relaxation. Ginger's warm and spicy aroma blends seamlessly with Lavender's herbaceous and floral notes, creating a harmonious and balanced accord that soothes the mind and calms the spirit. Together, these notes create a sanctuary of serenity where worries melt away and peace prevails.

 Ozonic Notes and Vetiver: Nature's Embrace

At the heart of Indigo Mood lies a connection to nature, with Ozonic Notes and Vetiver adding depth and complexity to the composition. Ozonic Notes evoke the fresh and airy scent of a gentle breeze, while Vetiver's earthy and woody aroma grounds the fragrance in the beauty of the natural world. Together, these notes create a sense of harmony and balance that brings you closer to nature and enhances the overall feeling of tranquility.

Cedar, Sandalwood, and Patchouli: Serene Sensuality

Cedar, Sandalwood, and Patchouli: Serene Sensuality

As Indigo Mood settles on the skin, it reveals a base of Cedar, Sandalwood, and Patchouli that adds a layer of serene sensuality to the composition. Cedar's warm and woody notes blend seamlessly with Sandalwood's creamy and exotic aroma, while Patchouli adds a touch of earthy richness and depth. Together, these base notes create a sense of serenity and tranquility that lingers on the skin, enveloping you in a comforting embrace.

Maison De Profumo's Commitment to Excellence

At Maison De Profumo, our commitment to excellence is the cornerstone of our brand. Each fragrance in our collection is a testament to our dedication to quality and craftsmanship.

Honoring Perfumery Traditions

Perfumery is an ancient art, and Maison De Profumo pays homage to its rich heritage by drawing inspiration from traditional techniques and ingredients.

Pioneering Perfumery Innovation

While we respect tradition, we also embrace innovation to push the boundaries of perfumery. Maison De Profumo strives to create unique and cutting-edge scents that captivate and inspire.

The Indigo Mood Experience: Serenity in a Bottle

The Indigo Mood Experience: Serenity in a Bottle

Indigo Mood is more than just a fragrance – it is an experience, a journey through tranquil landscapes and peaceful moments that rejuvenates the spirit and uplifts the soul. With its harmonious blend of serene notes, Indigo Mood is a scent that transcends time and space, evoking feelings of calm and relaxation with every spritz. Whether worn during the day or into the night, Indigo Mood is the perfect accessory for those who seek to find tranquility in the chaos of everyday life.


In a world filled with chaos and noise, Indigo Mood offers a moment of respite and rejuvenation, a fragrant oasis where one can escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and reconnect with the peace and tranquility of nature. With Maison De Profumo, you're not just wearing a scent – you're embarking on a sensory journey through the serene landscapes of Indigo Mood, where tranquility reigns supreme and beauty abounds. Experience the magic of Indigo Mood today and elevate your fragrance game to new heights.

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